Shelf automatically indexes content as it's added to the system. While this occurs in the background, it is an extremely important action that takes place. Here’s why the indexing process is so important:

  1. We index all of the text that’s included in a Word document, inside of a slide deck, written on a PDF...we even index text that appears on an image, like an infographic or scanned PDF. This allows you to search for - and actually find - words that appear inside of a file. These deep search results give you the power to locate important information that would otherwise be extremely hard (and time consuming) to find.

  2. Shelf automatically attachs meta data to each file. This meta data is then fed into Shelf’s filters, so users can locate content, even if they have no clue what keywords to use.

In other words, the indexing process is a major reason why content is so easy to find within Shelf.

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