Shelf features a sophisticated pinning functionality that allows you to promote your most important content to all your users.

Within your Shelf, there are three levels you can pin content to:

  • the Home Dashboard

  • a Library, and 

  • a Folder.

Content can be pinned to a single level or multiple ones simultaneously, e.g. you can pin the same Gem to its Library and the Home Dashboard

You can pin content by selecting it and either using the context menu or the action bar that appears towards the top of the page.

Permissions required to create and view Pinned Content
In order to pin content to a Library or a Folder within a Library, the user needs to be an Admin for the particular Library. To pin content to the Organization Library or the Home Dashboard, the user needs to be an Admin for the Account.

Users that have a Private Library can pin content contained within their Private Library to the Library or Folder but private Gems cannot be pinned to the Home Dashboard.

The access control for content that is pinned to the Home Dashboard remains intact, meaning that only users who have access to the Gem's Library can see it in the Pinned Content section of the Home Dashboard.

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